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Nano Silver technology

A uniquely designed formula which boosts the silver allowing it to attack bacteria and pathogens at a 10 times more effective rate. This specific process has been through rigorous testing including  over 400 major independent reports and human clinical trials.  

100% Natural & Fluoride Free

We take pride in using all natural ingredients that provide powerful cleaning power, remineralizing and protection for a whole mouth clean! Coral Nano is 100% safe to swallow & ALWAYS.

Revolutionary Ingredients

The world’s first toothpaste with ECOSAFE Coral Calcium & SilverSol Nano Silver. Experience healthy, clean teeth and gums like never before. Made with 11ppm nano-silver, Coral Calcium, xylitol & therapeutic grade peppermint oil for a powerful, non toxic, anti-plaque, gluten-free toothpaste.

Scientifically Tested - Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Coral Nano is backed by decades of scientific research and clinical testing. We are so confident you are going to love the results we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products! Of course, we never test our products on animals. 
Most importantly, it tastes GREAT! Picky kids & parents everywhere approve! 

Why Nano Silver?

Centuries Worth of Silver Usage
It's imperative we as humans work to keep our immune system healthy and strong. The better our immune system the faster our ability to heal. Humans all over the world have been using silver for centuries to prevent illness and to speed up recovery from injury. 

✓ Greeks used bowls made with silver to keep water and other liquids clean.
✓ Romans stored their wine in silver urns to keep it fresh.
✓ Before antibiotics, it was common knowledge disease-causing germs could not survive being around silver. So silver was often used in dishware, drinking containers and eating utensils.
✓ During the Middle Ages, people believed silverware was what protected the wealthy from the plague.
✓ Australian settlers used silverware in their water tanks to stop spoilage.
✓ Early American settlers placed silver coins in their water jugs to keep bacteria and algae at bay. 
✓ In the early 1800s, doctors used silver sutures in surgical wounds.
✓ During World War 1, silver leaf was used to combat infection in battle wounds.

How Does Nano Silver Technology Work?

The Long-Term Answer
Silver particles come in many different types such as basic ionic silver or ionic silver bound to a protein. Coral Nano Silver technology uses special Ag404 molecules which have been studied and shown 10 times more effective than traditional silver to destroy bacteria. 

It's so much more effective because each silver core has thousands of Ag404 silver molecule providing a silver oxidate coating to the core. These tiny molecules steal thousands of electrons from bacteria (what bacteria needs to function). This breaks down the bacteria much faster than traditional silver which only has one molecule stealing electrons. 

Killing bacteria is like fighting an opponent in a video game, each hit drains their life just a little bit. Each time a molecule removes an electron the bacteria's life source is weakened. Nano Silver is the silver's special power to a faster KO. 

Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste and Mouthwash not only cleans your teeth but also continues protecting them long after you brush.  

The Nano Silver Proof is in the Studies

Nano Silver technology has been studied many times over the years and shown to provide incredible results for everything from bandaging wounds to weakening Malaria. It has shown a lot of promise for improving dental health.Nano Silver technology.

- Over 400 independent studies and test reports performed by more than 60 leading laboratories and universities. - 30 safety reports and studies. - 3 published and FDA cleared human ingestion studies. - 20+ peer-reviewed and published scientific and medical journal articles. - Thousands of case studies.*

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